Comcast Channel Changes

SAPA TV To Change Comcast Channels

There are changes coming to SAPA TV, the public access station serving Springfield, Weathersfield and Chester. Beginning February 18, Comcast is relocating the channel lineup of public access stations throughout Vermont. The SAPA public channel located on Comcast channel 8 will move to channel 1077, and the SAPA government/education channel located on Comcast channel 10 will move to channel 1087.

The SAPA TV signals will be available on all four channels for 60 days after implementation. After the 60-day window, the signals will only be available on Comcast channels 1077 and 1087. VTel subscribers will not be affected by this change. SAPA TV programming will remain on VTel channels 160 and 161. Those without cable subscriptions can view SAPA programming through streaming and video on demand at

The channel change will not affect the SAPA service area, channel content or the services the station provides. SAPA will continue to provide video production education and training, access to state-of-the-art facilities and video equipment, and coverage of local meetings and events. If you have questions or concerns about the channel changes, you can contact SAPA TV by phone at 802-885-6248 or email at

Stop the FCC

save sapa tv

With the proposed rule change from the FCC looming (for more information, please visit:, public access stations in Vermont are worried about what that may mean for their futures.

SAPA TV has always been proud to be a part of the vibrant communities of Weathersfield, Springfield, and Chester.  If you, as a member of the community, feel strongly about community media and would like to support SAPA-TV, please consider taking one of these steps.

  1. Contact your lawmakers personally or through a petition at the following link Let them know your thoughts about the importance of public access television and why you oppose the FCC proposed rule change.

  2. Making a donation.  If you donate 30 dollars or more to SAPA-TV, we will send you your very own SAPA TV mug, while supplies last.  We truly appreciate our wonderful community members and everything they have offered SAPA-TV throughout the last 20 years. We appreciate your support.