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SAPA TV Annual Meeting

Please join us for SAPA TV's 2023 Annual Meeting held on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 5:30pm. The ...

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New SAPA Special – How to Build a Corsi-Rosenthal Box

Air purification isn’t always cheap, but super helpful to avoid spreading viruses, allergens and dust in your home or business. Watch this newest SAPA TV Special on how to build your own air purifier at home with rudimentary materials, cheaper than other HEPA-grade filters.

This show will be airing on SAPA TV at the following times:

Government/Education4/1/22 @ 10:05pm4/4/22 @ 11:15 am4/5/22 @ 11:18 am
Public4/2/22 @ 12:46pm4/3/22 @ 3:00 pm4/4/22 @ 9:13 am

Additionally, this show is available on the SAPA VOD by clicking here.

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