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Stop the FCC from Defunding PEG Channels

The FCC is proposing to redefine what a franchise fee is – and it will radically reduce the level of monetary support available to run PEG access channels across the United States.

With the proposed rule change from the FCC looming (for more information, please visit:, public access stations in Vermont are worried about what that may mean for their futures.

SAPA TV has always been proud to be a part of the vibrant communities of Weathersfield, Springfield, and Chester.  If you, as a member of the community, feel strongly about community media and would like to support SAPA-TV, please consider taking one of these steps.

  1. Contact your lawmakers personally or through a petition at the following link Let them know your thoughts about the importance of public access television and why you oppose the FCC proposed rule change.

  2. Making a donation.  If you donate 50 dollars or more to SAPA-TV, we will send you your very own SAPA TV mug, while supplies last.  We truly appreciate our wonderful community members and everything they have offered SAPA-TV throughout the last 20 years. We appreciate your support.

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Video On Demand



Help SAPA TV continue to provide Video on Demand to the community. Individual donations help make it possible to provide this service. Thank you for your support

Program Duplication

Many of the programs aired on SAPA-TV are available for purchase. Please complete the form below, making sure to include your contact information. Orders will take between one and three weeks to complete. We offer programs on DVD and  MP4 files that can be downloaded via the web.

DVD’s – $15.00 each.

Programs on DVD can be mailed anywhere in the U.S. for an additional $2.00.

In an effort cut down on material waste, payment is requested before DVD creation for customers who choose to pick up DVD’s in person. Program DVD’s can be created in about 10 minutes.

SAPA TV accepts cash, checks and credit cards (Paypal). Please make all checks payable to SAPA TV.  If paying by credit card you do not need to fill out the DVD Duplication Form

303 South Street
Springfield, VT 05156


Credit Card Payment

Video Options
SAPA Program Name

Submit PSA

Public Service Announcements are provided free of charge to non-profit organizations located in our viewing area. PSAs will run for two weeks. Ongoing events can be renewed by contacting SAPA-TV.

Please note that we do not run for-profit announcements, nor do we print press releases. We cannot, by law, publicize gambling, even if it is for a non-profit.

Please use the form below or email your event information to You may also fax your PSA if necessary. Our fax number is 885-6258. We do not take PSAs over the telephone.

Support SAPA TV

Support SAPA TV

Community members and businesses can help support SAPA TV in continuing to provide community television to the towns of Springfield, Chester and Weathersfield, Vermont. Your support will help provide the following.

  • Online viewing via Video On Demand of SAPA TV produced shows
  • Greater coverage of local events and high school sports
  • Live coverage of local municipal meeting and local events

With your support, SAPA TV will be able to continue to be a strong voice in the cable TV viewing community as well be able to provide their voice to a larger viewing audience who view content through other means and technology.

Whether it is through underwriting or individual donation, SAPA TV appreciates your support.

Individual Donation


Submit a Video

Do you have a video you would like to share with the community? SAPA TV is always looking for creative content to share with its viewers. All videos submitted must be owned and created by the submitter. SAPA TV is not able to play any copyrighted video or music over the air.

You can submit video by DVD or providing a digital download via Vimeo, Dropbox, Google docs or any other suitable video sharing service. Please fill out either the digital or paper application to cable cast at the link below.

Application to cablecast PDF
By clicking submit applicants agree that shared content meets the following terms and conditions:
1. Applicant is aware of and recognizes the restrictions imposed on such use by federal and state
regulations and SAPA TV’s policies and procedures and agrees to abide by them. In
a) Applicant will not cablecast any advertising material designed to promote the sale of
commercial products or services, including advertising by and on behalf of candidates
for public office.
b) Applicant will not cablecast material to solicit funds of any nature
c) Applicant will not cablecast a lottery or any advertisement of or for any information
concerning a lottery
d) Applicant will not cablecast any obscene or indecent material
2. Applicant agrees to make all appropriate arrangements with, and to obtain all clearances from
broadcast stations, networks, sponsors, music licensing organizations, performers’
representatives, and, without limitation to the foregoing, any and all other persons (natural
and otherwise) as may be necessary to transmit its program material over SAPA-TV Channel
8 /10 cable access channels.
3. In recognition of the fact that SAPA-TV Channel 8/10 has no control over the content of
Applicant’s public access cablecast, Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold SAPA-TV
Channel 8/10 harmless from any and all liability or other injury (including reasonable cost of
defending claims or litigation) arising from or in connection with claims for failure to comply
with any applicable laws, rules, regulations or other requirements of local, state or federal
authorities; for claims, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, or the infringement of common law
or statutory copyright; for unauthorized use of any trademark, trade name of the service mark;
breach of contractual or other obligations owing to third parties by SAPA-TV Channel 8/10;
and for other injury or damage in law or equity which claims result from the Applicant’s use
of the access channel.
4. Applicant recognizes that SAPA-TV Channel 8/10 will maintain and make available for
public inspection a record of all persons applying for use of access channel and agrees that
this Application may be used for such a record.

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